Cloudpunk PS4 Price United Kingdom

Cloudpunk PS4 Price United Kingdom
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Price: £19.99
Discount available from 20 Jul 2021 to 18 Aug 2021
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14 Oct 2020
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Game Description / What's Inside

To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.
A neon-noir story in a rain-drenched cyberpunk metropolis. It’s your first night on the job working for the Cloudpunk delivery service. Two rules: Don’t miss a delivery and don’t ask what’s in the package.

Your name is Rania. This is your first night working for Cloudpunk, the semi-legal delivery company based in the sprawling city of Nivalis. You go everywhere, from the Marrow below to the spires that pierce the grey clouds high above before scraping the edge of the troposphere. No delivery job is too dangerous, and no one is faster than a Cloudpunk driver.

In this story-based exploration game, you will meet a diverse range of characters including androids, AI and unscrupulous humans at every level of society. Everyone has a story, and in the course of one night in Nivalis, everything will change.


• Explore an immense vertical cyberpunk city with your hover car and on foot
• Unravel mysteries in a world of corporate conspiracy, hackers and rogue AI through the eyes of Rania
• Meet a diverse range of characters and immerse yourself in their everyday lives
• Your decisions will have a lasting impact on the inhabitants of Nivalis
• Discover hidden places and items unlocking additional stories

Offline single player
Uses DUALSHOCK 4 vibration function
Offline play enabled

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