Hotel R’n’R PS4 Price Canada

Hotel R’n’R PS4 Price Canada
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Game Description / What's Inside

Hotel R’n’R is the gonzo VR rockstar simulator that encourages bad behaviour. Sell your soul to The Devil, smash up hotels and become Infamous. Pressure from hotel staff and your own limp wrists are against you, but with over 36 weapons, and a World Tour ahead of you, it’s time to get creative.

Each hotel is a playground of physics-based demolition, with time to explore and plan your strategy before lighting the fireworks and trying to keep the Manager out. With a hellish pawn shop of weirdly satisfying weapons – including Wet Fish, Cattle Prods, C4 and Guns – and a stack of Challenges to appease The Devil, becoming the most Infamous takes brains as well as looks.

Get the band together for Party Setlists (Pass and Play) or try out ideas at your own pace in Sandbox mode. Hotel R’n’R is a satirical journey of selling your soul and then trying to take it back along the way there’s no shortage of luxury hotels, sarcastic maids and ragdoll physics mayhem. Are you up to it? Just sign here.

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1-5 players
11GB minimum save size
Online Play (Optional)
PlayStation®VR Required
PlayStation®Camera Required
2 PS®Move controllers required

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