Jeopardy! PlayShow PS4 Price Brasil

Jeopardy! PlayShow PS4 Price Brasil
New price: R$ 107,12 SAVE 20%
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Price: R$ 133,90
Discount available from 17 de fev de 2021 to 4 de mar de 2021
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R$ 133,90
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R$ 107,12 R$ 100,42
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2 de fev de 2021
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Game Description / What's Inside

Para jogar esse jogo no PS5, talvez seja preciso atualizar seu sistema com o software do sistema mais recente. É possível jogar esse jogo no PS5, mas alguns recursos disponíveis no PS4 podem estar ausentes. Consulte para obter mais detalhes.
Emmy Winner "Outstanding Interactive Media"

Now entering the studio is YOU. Compete against your friends — and past contestants — using actual TV episodes hosted by Alex Trebek. Jeopardy! PlayShow combines your PlayStation, your mobile device, and your very own voice for the most realistic gameshow experience you’ll ever have.

Feel Like a Real Contestant
Simply buzz in and say your answer from your couch to be a part of the game like never before. And with Party Mode, you can host head-to-head, multiplayer competitions in your living room. It’s everything you love about the show: Categories, Clues, Wagers, Daily Doubles and even signing your name to the podium.

Play From Over 35 years of Historical Episodes
Want more? With over 35 years of downloadable Jeopardy! content, play episodes thematically by season, tournament type, and even against famous champions. If Teen Tournament is your speed, we’ve got it. Want to travel back in time and match wits with legendary contestants? No problem! The true Jeopardy! gameshow has never been easier to experience.

• Go head-to-head with memorable Jeopardy! contestants.
• Choose from a variety of episodes and themes from over three decades of Jeopardy!
• Use innovative speech recognition! Buzz in and speak your answer.
• Full immersive gameshow experience like never before!
• Your living room is the iconic game show set. Challenge friends and family to see who’s the ultimate Jeopardy! fan.

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