Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats PS4 Price Brasil

Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats PS4 Price Brasil
New price: R$ 10,75 SAVE 50%
Price: R$ 21,50
Discount available from 25 de mai de 2022 to 9 de jun de 2022
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Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats Price & Sales History Chart

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R$ 21,50
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R$ 10,75 R$ 10,75
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about 1 year ago
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13 de abr de 2022
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Game Description / What's Inside

Para jogar esse jogo no PS5, talvez seja preciso atualizar seu sistema com o software do sistema mais recente. É possível jogar esse jogo no PS5, mas alguns recursos disponíveis no PS4 podem estar ausentes. Consulte PlayStation.com/bc para obter mais detalhes.
Hidden Shapes: Lovely Cats + Animals is a collection with two beautiful and relaxing minimalist hand-drawn jigsaw puzzles that have two options to choose, cats or animals in general.

Both games in this bundle have similar features and playthrough, in the Cats edition, the player will have the opportunity to play with elements of the classic jigsaw puzzle with the a lot of cute cat arts and in the Animal version, the player will have the same features, but with different levels and now with a diversity of animals in this theme.

The context of this game is represented implicitly through level design, using abstract and minimalist elements


- Beautiful and relaxing minimalist puzzles;
- Different levels;
- Two editions to choose:
- Good to test your memory;

Developed by Yaw Studios and published by QUByte Interactive

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