Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Playing games is a fun and exciting way to unwind. There is a variety to pick from, so many challenging levels and modes to keep you engaged for the longest time. But did you know you can turn these hours you spend playing games into a viable stream of income?

Players can now make full-time or part-time income by simply doing what they love the most, playing games. Before you buy yourself a bill separator for all the money you’ll make from being an excellent gamer, you need to learn some of the ways through which you can monetize your video game hobby and select one or two methods that appeal to you the most.

Here’s a rundown of the most interesting ways to earn while you play.

Create a YouTube Channel

You can be a part of the YouTube gaming world by entertaining viewers who visit the video streaming platform, mainly for gaming content. How? By running live streams or uploading a pre-recorded video of your gameplay.

Your content could come in handy for other gamers who need to learn certain tricks, get through difficult levels, or need reviews of a game before investing their time and money in it. You earn money from ad revenue when viewers watch banner ads or videos when streaming your content.

As a Game Tester

You can help developers test how engaging their video games are by becoming a game tester. All you have to do is play the game well enough to discover defects, check for bugs, and highlight improvement areas for quality control.

Become a Video Game Journalist

If you want to get more creative with your interest in video games, you can become a videogame journalist. Working as a freelance journalist or directly with a video game publication are the two most resourceful ways to earn money. You get to report the release of new video games and the masterminds behind them, write game reviews, and report other major events and tournaments in the gaming industry.

Become a Twitch Streamer

You can also make some extra cash by live-streaming your gameplay on Twitch – the largest video game streaming platform. On Twitch, your income stream depends on your streamers. You get paid based on the number of viewers, receive monetary compensation for every ad placed on your page, get referral bonuses on Amazon affiliate links, and PayPal donations from loyal fans or sponsors who enjoy your content.

Create Video Game Tutorials

Become a coach and create tutorials for players trying to navigate their way through specific games or levels. Try specializing by focusing your content on your favorite game niches, so viewers know exactly where to come when they need help. Offer them tips and tricks to enhance their gaming experience. You can upload these videos on Twitch or YouTube to monetize your content.

Try Some Earn and Play Apps/Websites

Certain gaming apps/websites like Mistplay, Blitz, Skillz Gaming, and GameHag, offer gamers redeemable bonuses, gems, and gift cards for successfully playing different games on their platform.


Now that you have ideas on the best possible ways to make money while you play, you can give it a shot. It may take some time and hard work to reach your goal, but being consistent always pays off.

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