The Top 5 PlayStation 5 Sports Games for Ultimate Gaming Fun

Are you a proud owner of a PlayStation 5 and a sports enthusiast? If so, you are in for a treat! The PlayStation 5 has opened up a whole new world of gaming experiences, and sports fans have plenty fo cheer about. From American football to soccer and from baseball to golf, the PlayStation 5 has it all. We are about to delve deep into the top five sports games that will elevate your gaming sessions to a new level. How many of these titles have you played?

Madden NFL 24

Okay, let us kick things off with the granddaddy of all American Football games, the Madden franchise. Since its launch in 1988, the Madden series of NFL games has been the go-to title for gridiron fans. The game has come on in leaps and bounds since those early days, with Madden NFL 24 featuring an extensive line-up of all 32 NFL franchises, each with a roster of players crammed with accurate statistics. Indeed, Madden NFL 24’s player database is so accurate and vast that the best NFL gambling sites online often use it to predict the outcome of the season-ending Super Bowl.

Madden NFL 24 has not received critical acclaim; quite the opposite. Review sites rate the latest franchise installment as distinctly average, mainly because the game has not pushed the boundaries like other versions of the long-running series. If you are new to American Football video games, Madden NFL 24 will be a fantastic game that will give you hours upon hours of fun on the field.

EA Sports FC 24

Soccer is the world’s most popular game, and EA Sports FC is the premier soccer video game. EA Sports FC is the direct successor to EA Sports’ former FIFA series, the best-selling sports game ever. After EA Sports and FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, fell out with one another, EA decided to go on its own and launched EA Sports FC in September 2023.

Nobody does a presentation of a soccer game like EA Sports. The game features thousands of players from dozens of leagues, with hundreds of those players looking, running, and playing like their real-life counterparts. The addition of HyperMotion V makes the game look and move more realistic than ever before. EA used artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor almost 200 real soccer matches and created HyperMotion V to recreate how players move in a team environment. Erling Haaland runs like he does on Manchester City’s pitch, while Kylian Mbappe strikes the ball like he does in Paris St. Germain’s games. 

NBA 2K24

The first NBA 2K game launched in November 1999 for the Sega Dreamcast, and NBA 2K24 is the latest incarnation of basketball’s best video game. If you are looking for a basketball game where the top player look and play exactly like their real-life counterparts, NBA 2K24 is precisely what you are looking for.

No other basketball video game comes close to the level of realism enjoyed by NBA 2K24 players. The game does have a steep learning curve, primarily due to the sheer number of controls at your fingertips, but it is worth perservering because the gameplay is incredible.

The NBA 2K24 reviews were not overly kind. Much like the Madden NFL 24 reviews, players’ main gripe with NBA 2K24 is that the game has not leaped forward compared to last year’s NBA 2K23 title. In addition, the game’s MyCareer mode, which puts you in the shoes of an NBA rookie hoping to become a superstar, is essentially a long-winded way to force players into making in-game purchases. Such microtransactions are frowned upon in the gaming community. That said, if you are new to the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K24 has everything you want and need from a basketball game and more besides.

MLB The Show 23

Baseball is often called America’s favorite pastime, and MLB The Show is video gamers’ favorite baseball title. Real-life baseball games can drag on for hours, but MLB The Show does an incredible job of reducing the game time without taking anything away from the game itself.

MLB The Show 23 does a stellar job in its presentation, with the new animations pushing it closer to matching what you see on television. The best accolade we can bestow on MLB The Show 23 is that it is massively enjoyable to play, even if you know nothing about Major League Baseball. You can fire it up, pitch hit a few balls around, and never feel out of your depth. The most baseball-savvy people among you can delve into in-depth rosters packed with statistics and enjoy an almost simulation experience.

PGA 2K23

PGA 2K23 is the best golf video game you can play on the PlayStation 5, and it is bags of fun even if you are not golf’s biggest fan. The game features 25 challenging courses, many of them being real-life PGA courses, putting you in the shoes of your favorite golfers. You control your golfer’s swing using the analog sticks; it is a system that feels natural and works wonders.

The career mode is our favorite, making you earn your PGA Tour card before taking on some realistically reproduced golfers. It is a golfing classic and the perfect way to play golf without the need for all the expensive clubs and equipment of the actual game.


These five titles shine the brightest in the sports genre for the PlayStation 5. None of them are perfect, but some come close to perfection. You may further research each game and discover that critics or fellow gamers have panned the reviews. This is not because they are bad games but because previous titles were superb, and these latest instalments have not pushed the bar. Instead, many of the updates are incremental rather than seismic shifts.

Anyone looking for a sports game for the PlayStation 5 could do far worse than playing these five titles, especially if they are new to each franchise. So grab a controller, invite your friends, and prepare for some heart-pounding action.