The God of War Games Are the Hottest Free Titles in PS Plus

If you are a PlayStation owner, then you have definitely heard of God of War. Santa Monica’s creations have entertained players since 2005 and God of War titles will probably keep gamers entertained for a lot more years. For now, those who have a PS Plus subscription will get access to five GoW titles, which are enhanced with HD graphics. Instead of purchasing one game, PS owners can pay the PS Plus subscription fee and get instant access to God of War and to hundreds of other video games.

The God of War Games Are the Hottest Free Titles in PS Plus

Why is God of War so Popular?

Games with mythology themes, with supernatural heroes, and with gods or demigods become popular in no time. This does not only apply to console games such as God of War or as Immortals Fenyx Rising, but also to titles such as the second edition of God of Storms: God of Storms, which gamers can find on casino websites. Both God of War as well as Age of Gods offer players a product that mixes multiple ancient mythologies with mythical characters from Ancient Greece, the Middle East and from the Ancient Nordic kingdoms. Just a couple of short gameplay clips will make players want to get the gaming hardware of their preference heated up and ready to run the game.

GoW Ragnarök Is One of the Best Games Ever Made

The latest addition to the God of War series is without a doubt the best game Santa Monica Studio has ever released and if it were not for Elden Ring, then it would have been crowned “Game of the Year”. God of War’s gameplay and animations are great, the level of difficulty is for everyone and not just for players that enjoy Souls-like games and the story of the game is simply amazing. GoW titles normally offer around 40 hours of gameplay, so the return on investment for purchasing the game is pretty good and if you think that 40 hours is too little then compare the price-gameplay duration of God of War with another Sony best-seller; Spider-Man.

Buy Your GoW Copy or Get it Free via PS Plus

Buy Your GoW Copy or Get it Free via PS Plus

For those who do not want to commit to a PS Plus subscription, there is always the alternative of buying one of the many GoW games and playing it with no strings attached. However, having access to every God of War title and to every available game in the PS library is a good enough reason for paying for the PS Plus subscription. With one payment, you will be able to play PS classics, 9th-generation best-sellers, hidden gems and games that you would otherwise not consider playing. As for the best part of the subscription, becoming a member means that you will get new games every single month, as Sony updates its gaming library relatively often.

Not a Big GoW Fan? No Problem!

Many PS owners get PS Plus subscriptions in order to get access to every God of War currently available in the service’s gaming library. However, not everyone is a fan of Kratos and not everyone likes playing games with gods and mythical creatures. Some like science fiction, some like puzzle games and others like JRPGs. Getting a PS Plus subscription will give you access to games of every genre, released during the last 30 years.

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