The Best Kingdom Hearts Games to Play

Japanese RPG games are certainly some of the best games to play. Not only do they offer captivating gameplay but they also feature the kind of storyline that keeps you hooked through the entirety of the game. One such franchise is Kingdom Hearts, which is known to have a very complex yet interesting storyline.

You can play the game on PlayStation, Xbox, and even PC. However, to download the game you need a superfast internet connection like Spectrum internet that could download the game as soon as possible. Hence, it would be a smart idea to look into Spectrum internet prices. Better yet, you can get the Kingdom Hearts All-in-One package that features all of the games that are essential to the story.

Here are some of the best Kingdom Hearts games that you need to make sure that you play:

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+

Undeniably the best Kingdom Hearts game made until now. It has the most fluid mechanics, which made the game really smooth to play. Sora’s movements in the game were not floaty as they were in Kingdom Hearts 3. The game even featured the idea of Drive forms, which made it an even more exciting experience. You could use Donald and Goofy to access your Drive forms and the stronger forms required both of them.

Valor form required Goofy, Wisdom form required Donald, Master and Final forms required both, and Limit form didn’t require either of them. Even the bosses in the game were very challenging, featuring some nearly impossible boss fights such as Terra’s Lingering Will and Data Xaldin who really tested your gaming abilities.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

This game was also dedicated to friendship but with a darker undertone to the storyline. The game revolves around three best friends, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. It shows how all three of them embark on three different journeys as they chase after a man named Xehanort who has a keen interest in Darkness and how to harness it. The three friends become separated and all three of them have sad endings to their storylines, endings that are not resolved until Kingdom Hearts 3.

The best part about the game was that all three characters had different fighting styles, for instance, Aqua was more focused on using magic, Terra was more about brute strength and Ventus was about agility and speed. While the story was more focused on being sad and dark, it also had some cute and wholesome moments that made the game a bit lighthearted. From a story perspective, Birth by Sleep had the biggest role in the entire Xehanort Saga.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

When it comes to striking emotions, Kingdom Hearts really knows its ways to get you as emotional as you possibly could be. 358/2 days could be seen as more of an emotional rollercoaster despite the game being a spin-off. The game revolves around the story of a boy named Roxas and how he joins an organization called Organization XIII which is on the mission of collecting countless hearts so that they could open Kingdom Hearts.

In the process, Roxas makes two best friends named Axel and Xion while they went on missions together and slowly, Roxas starts becoming aware of the Organization’s motives and he tries to put a stop to them. While trying to do so, he also loses his best friends which makes him even more aggressive and just like Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days also had a dark and sad undertone.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

The game that linked all of the Kingdom Hearts games together. Dream Drop Distance linked Sora’s story arc to Birth By Sleep and created ties between Sora, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. There was a lot that was revealed in the game from a story perspective and it opened up a lot of windows to the possibility of what would happen next. Dream Drop Distance also marked Xehanort as the primary villain and it paved the way for Kingdom Hearts 3.

In Dream Drop Distance, players got to play as both Sora and Riku and you got to play both of their stories separately as both of them went through the Mark of Mastery Exam to see who would become the Keyblade Master.

The game also featured Flowmotion, which revolved around Sora and Riku jumping off walls and attacking enemies. This was the first and only game that featured Flowmotion. Dream Drop Distance is integral to the Kingdom Hearts storyline so make sure that you don’t miss out on this one.

Wrapping Up

If you are the kind of person who enjoys games that are story-driven, then Kingdom Hearts is definitely for you to play. Embark on Sora’s journey and see how exciting the power of friendship is and what limits you could go to so you could make sure that your friends are safe!

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