Online Roulette vs. Live Online Roulette: a Comparison

Roulette games are the life of the party. Whether you’re playing at a sophisticated casino in Vegas or enjoying variants of the game online, it’s unarguable that you’ll get the best experience from playing the game of wheel.

While many punters might visit physical gambling houses to enjoy this entertaining game, nothing matches the thrill of accessing several variants of online roulette on the internet. However, while there are many variants and avenues to play this game, live dealer roulette has been attracting much interest lately.

Online Roulette vs. Live Online Roulette: a Comparison

This article will compare the experiences of playing online and live roulette.

Online and Live Roulette: Definition

Like many online casino gambling games, online roulette offers players convenience and easy access to their favorite titles without traveling to a physical house. Gambling platforms provide several variants of the game of wheel, from the sassy American version to the laid-back European wheel, with generous bonuses — that give you plenty of advantages against the house.

You might wonder what ticks the boxes for live dealer titles if the online version offers great appeal. Live online roulette games offer the physical casino feel many players crave. Imagine being able to see, monitor, and engage your dealer in conversations without leaving the comfort of your room. Live dealer roulette guarantees this experience. Players can also engage with one another through chat rooms and enhanced technology.

Comparing Online and Live Roulette

Live and online roulette are quite similar. However, players can also expect a few differences. In this regard, we’ll compare and contrast them below.

1. Real Dealers and RNGs

Online versions of roulette are usually operated by computers and a shuffling software known as the Random Number Generators (RNG). The RNG software ensures that each spin on the wheel results in independent and varying outcomes. However, many players are skeptical, as software can be rigged and manipulated. This is where live online games come in.

Real dealer versions allow you to monitor the gameplay through top-notch streaming services that let you live-stream your dealer as they deal and shuffle cards. In addition, you can opt for live roulette if you’re skeptical about RNGs.

2. Free Games

While there are several ways, like free plays and social games, to play free online roulette without wagering real money, live games won’t offer you that luxury. Real dealer games are for players willing to wager real money and need to enjoy the buzz of casinos without going to one.

You should opt for online roulette if you’re only looking to play roulette for fun without using real money. Although both options offer premium entertainment, online roulette is cheaper.

3. Payouts and Odds

You’ll get better odds from playing your roulette games online rather than subscribing to a live platform. Running a live platform is synonymous with running a physical house, meaning that

the casino establishment will likely incur higher costs of operations and maintenance. Since online casinos tend to incur lesser expenses, this usually translates to better odds and payout for players.

Final Notes

Regardless of how you choose to play, roulette games promise players a great gaming time. However, these slight differences might define your gaming decisions and help you figure out your preferred gaming setting. Remember, the goal is to have fun while raking in as much profit as possible.