Making the Fullest Use of Your 1st Deposit Casino Bonus

First deposit bonuses are the most effective and generous offers that you can get in an online casino. Many people know this type of bonus under a different name – a welcome bonus. It is easy to get and, in most cases, gives an excellent boost to the main deposit and makes the gambling experience much more enjoyable. Unlike other offers, such as NDB or cashback, the first deposit bonus is much more profitable, but some gamblers misuse it.

Understanding the First Deposit Bonus

But how can one actually misuse the first deposit bonus? Everything is much more complicated than it might seem. Some basic tips exist despite the ease of obtaining and using this bonus. It is easy to understand the principle of action and features of the first deposit bonus; the main thing is to take it responsibly and calmly.

Choose the Right Casino with 1st Deposit Bonus

The main condition for receiving a bonus for the first deposit (welcome bonus) is signing up to on an online casino website. But sometimes, even this can be wrong, and new gamblers lose their money because they have chosen a dubious or, more simply, scam platform. The number of licensed and trustworthy online casinos is comparable to the opposite sites, which aim to deceive naive and gullible users, so more experienced casino players often check with the sites like to make sure they register with the right establishment.

Therefore, before registering and receiving a first deposit bonus, finding out more about the online casino where you want to start playing is important. To do this, you can check reviews on various sites like Trustpilot or various forums with real and experienced gamblers.

Read the Terms and Conditions

For the most part, the minimum conditions for receiving and the rules of the first deposit bonus are described on the page with the bonus. Sometimes this information is enough to evaluate this offer’s pros and cons. But often, especially casinos with a low reputation, place additional (and most important) terms of use on another website page.

To avoid trapping into s, check the terms of use associated with first deposit bonuses in advance. This is important because, in this case, you can immediately notice possible factors contradicting your principles or capabilities. For example, some bonuses are active for a limited time after activation (usually 3-4 days). Players who use GamStop or other self-exclusion programs may not have time to use the bonus to the maximum. They will not accept this offer because they checked the terms and conditions beforehand.

Calculate the Wagering Requirements

The rollover requirements are a specific condition for receiving a first deposit bonus, and although they usually revolve around 45x, sometimes they can be as low as 1x. No rollover bonuses, also known as no wager bonuses are different from regular bonuses usually encountered at online casinos. It all depends on the casino’s reputation and the bonus’s features. Therefore, you need to read the terms and conditions to calculate the wagering requirements for your first deposit bonus. For example, let’s take the requirement in min. 50 EUR deposit and 30x wagering: convert 50 EUR multiplied by 30, and the calculation ends. Everything is easy; the main thing is not to be afraid to check everything by yourself.

Stick to Eligible Games

Online casinos have the right to offer eligible games in addition to wagering. In addition to the deposit bonus, you can also get free spins. If you care about which slot machine you can use these 50-100 FS in, check for the condition of their wagering in the context of eligible and ineligible games. On the one hand, this is done to promote high-quality but less popular projects from the casino assortment among newcomers. On the other hand, not all games or slots can be enjoyed, negatively affecting the gambling experience.

So it is important to check for eligible and ineligible games for the first deposit bonus to enjoy gambling.

Manage Your Bankroll

The last argument can apply to bonuses for the first deposit and, generally, to the entire gameplay in an online casino. The main interaction with the casino is the deposit and withdrawal of funds, which are primarily the task of the player to monitor. Many players don’t realize that bankroll management begins long before they even start playing.

Therefore, never play for the last money and do not take risks without additional funds for a comfortable game and life. Do not play with money that you are not prepared to lose. Winning is just a bonus.


The first deposit bonus is a classic incentive for new casino players, but still one of the most effective and promising ways to increase your bankroll and the chances to hit the jackpot (although there are still debates about which is better in this regard: traditional or low wager bonuses) Modern gambling platforms have long provided players with quick and easy access to this offer, but everything has advantages and disadvantages. So follow the tips above to make the most of your 1st deposit casino bonus and enjoy real gambling.

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