How to Use Twitch with PS4

Live-streaming is incomplete without Twitch. The platform is known all over the world to gamers and other live-streaming content creators for providing outstanding content. With Twitch, you can integrate devices such as PS4 and can use it directly to stream the content. You can follow the links to know how to get Twitch followers and make Twitch growth easier for you.

1. Review the community Guidelines

It is very important, as these pages are updated continuously. There is legal jargon on the page if you begin reading terms and conditions. Community guidelines will make it possible for you to read what will ban your account and how to prevent this from happening.

2. Create Account

Just click on ‘Create Account’ and you will get to the page where a simple form filling will get you an account created on Twitch. If you are using a mobile phone, use your phone number to get registered, and you can add a mobile number later on.

3. Two-Factor Authentication

You are unable to use Twitch if two-factor authentication is not enabled. You can only add it using a PC, so head over to it and click two-factor authentication under security settings. To complete the process, use a mobile device to get the OTP.

Streaming on Twitch – The Normal Way

4 different programs can be used to stream on Twitch the normal way. All programs depend on the level of streamers. These are as follows:

  • OBS Studio – For beginners.
  • Streamlabs OBS – For beginners.
  • X – Split – For intermediate users.
  • vMix – For advanced users.

Twitch Streaming on PS4

Linking Accounts

First of all, you need to link your accounts and for this follow the process below:

  • On your controller hit the settings button.
  • Go to ‘Account Management’.
  • Click on ‘Link with other Services’.
  • There are two options available i.e. YouTube or Twitch.
  • Sign in to your existing Twitch account, and it will be linked with your PS4 console.

Stream a game on PS4

  • Start the game on PS4 that you want to stream on Twitch.
  • Just tap the share button on your controller, do not hold it down, a gentle tap is enough.
  • Hit ‘Broadcast Gameplay’.
  • Choose Twitch on the next page that appears.
  • Change the settings before you start the streaming. It includes video quality, a live video of yourself, inviting friends, and much more.
  • Click ‘Start Broadcasting’ and you are finished with the process.

Stop Streaming on PS4

  • Once the stream has ended click on the share button on your controller once again.
  • Select ‘Stop Broadcasting’.


Streaming is highly rewarding and when it comes to gaming you can reap long-term benefits like user engagement. Just make sure that you make a schedule and stick to it and your following will increase with every passing day. If you want to capture other platforms, make sure that the re-stream tool is used to get success in your niche.

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