How to Start & Grow a YouTube Gaming Channel

YouTube gaming was released back in 2015 and since then it has seen a massive boom. The best thing is that there is still room for the new creators, and they can start the channel, get free YouTube subs, and reach the top in no time at all. YouTube gaming has changed little, and you can use the same tactics and old mechanisms to explode the viewership. All it takes is the below-mentioned tips that should be followed to get the work done.

1. Regular Content is Essential

Do not leave your subscribers abandoned, as they will not like it, and you have to pay the price. Post regular content on your gaming channel so that your competition is outranked within no time at all. Regular posting also means that you remain relevant in your niche and this also gets you, new subscribers, every single day. Instead of focusing on posting content per week, your target should be 2 – 3 videos daily once the channel has picked the pace. With regular content, you get regular attention, and this is for what you are on YouTube.

2. Engage with Your Audience

This is very important, or your aura will fade away from their minds. YouTube gaming is all about engaging with your viewers and doing so by posting comments and asking for their reviews about the video uploaded. Once you have been mentioned in a comment, respond so that your audience feels the connection. Engagement is important as it lets you get the word of mouth marketing. Once you become a big YouTuber, continue with the same engagement, and you will soon see the screenshots of your responses on other platforms shared by your loyal fans.

3. Great Intros and Outros

It is again essential as it lets you grab the attention you seek. If the intro and outro are not engaging, your audience will feel that you have not put in the effort. If you are working hard, it should be shown in your videos. You can also go for the easy way out and i.e. getting templates and editing them as per your channel theme. Be careful that you choose the most relevant intro and outro for your channel. The outro should also have a subscribe button with the annotations for your other videos. A perfect intro and outro will get your channel the boom that many other gaming creators are not enjoying.

4. Go Live

Gaming channels cannot thrive if their live element is eliminated. It is important that every once a week you go live with your favorite game and interact with your users in real-time. It is important to get in contact with your viewers and ask for feedback. Once you go live, read out the comments and answer the questions. An amalgamation of Q and A sessions with live-streaming will do wonders for your channel as time passes. Your presentation and style should be such that the person on your channel likes and subscribes to your channel for sure.