How to Sign Out of Fortnite on PS4/PS5?

Hey everyone, in this article I’m going to show you how to sign out of Fortnite on your PlayStation 4/5. So, let’s go ahead.

Now to sign out of Fortnite on your PlayStation 4/5 you’ll realize when you’re going through the different settings and options on Fortnite there is no way to actually sign out, which can be a little bit frustrating.

fortnite settings and options

What you will actually need to do is use a web browser and go to the Epic Games website. So, let’s go ahead and do that:

  • Open your web browser, go to Google starting page and type in โ€œEpic Gamesโ€ into the search bar, and press epic games in google
  • Then go to the website.go to the website
  • Now on the upper right-hand side go ahead and press the Sign In button.sign in to fortnite
  • You’ll have a couple of different options to sign in here:
    • Sign in with Epic Games ID, if you know that you can sign in with it. However, your PlayStation 4/5 may not be linked to your epic games account, if you made a couple of different ones in the past.
    • So, if you’re on the web browser go ahead and try signing in with your PlayStation 4/5 Network ID.

    signing in with playstation 4 network id

  • Go down to the “Account” submenu.epic game store account settings
  • Then on the left-hand side let’s scroll down to connections settings and go over to accounts.epic games connections settings
  • And you can see all the different things that actually connected to this account. We’ll need to go to the PlayStation Network and then go to disconnect.disconnect playstation network account
  • Then you’ll have to go through the different checkboxes and check all these and then go to to unlink fortnite account on ps4

Now when you hit unlink, you’ll see you will have an option to connect now on the bottom.

And when you log out of your PlayStation 4/5 Fortnite account and re-log back in you’re going to come to the screen where it says you have to link your account once again on your PS4/5.

log out of playstation 4 fortnite account

Now you do have an option to skip this but this will give you an opportunity to start fresh with your Fortnite account on your PS4/5.

I hope this instruction helped you out sign out of Fortnite on your PlayStation 4/5.

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