How to Get Imposter Every Time in Among Us?

Among Us is an extremely popular video game that has been trending in the last year or so. It can be played by 4 to 10 people, some of which will have the roles of “imposters”, while the rest will be “crewmates”.

Regardless of the role, Among Us will always be fun. Like many popular titles, its charm lies in its gameplay. However, being an Imposter is much more challenging and rewarding. This is why a lot of players want to learn how to get Imposter every time.

The game is set in space. Basically, Imposters are like saboteurs that are meant to disable various systems, blend with Crewmates, and eventually kill them. Sneaking around and trying to fool everyone will make your blood pump faster while playing Among Us.

Is There a Way to Guarantee You Will Be the Imposter Every Time?

So, how to be Imposter in Among Us? In the last year or so, there have been a lot of claims from various sources as to how to hack this game. At this point, there are several theories that might help you achieve this. Most of them have to do with switching your skins.

For example, one Reddit user suggested that you can get this role by hosting the match. When it’s time for other players to join, you will prevent this by using a room code. This way, you should be the only Imposter in the game.

Another theory on how to be Imposter every time involves a setting with 3 total Imposters. When you turn on this setting, you need to customize a character in the game lobby. When the timer reaches the five second mark, start going through different hats and pets.

Perhaps the most popular theory of how to always be Imposter in Among Us involves changing character color. Here is how to do it:

  1. Start the application;
  2. Put your nickname;
  3. Add the preferred number of Imposters (it is always better to put max, just in case);
  4. Start the game;
  5. Make sure that all of the players have entered the room;
  6. Now, go straight to the computer, and select your character color;
  7. Wait for a bit and just before the timer expires, return to the computer once again;
  8. Start changing your colors. Continue doing this until the game starts. In theory, this should increase your odds of becoming an Imposter.

how to always be imposter in among us involves changing character color

While the last hack seems legitimate, there is no proof it will work every time. So, the best thing you can do is continue playing and wait for your turn to get this role.

There are also some cheats and methods that would ruin other players’ experience. We suggest that you avoid them at all costs as in some cases, they can even get you banned.

How Do You Increase Chances of Imposter in Among Us?

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you will get this role every time. You simply can’t be sure how to become Imposter in Among Us. But, there are a few simple solutions that might help you out:

  • Play the game with fewer players;
  • Set the number of Imposter to maximum, that is, three.

If you really want to know how to get Imposter in Among Us, this is perhaps the best way. However, if there aren’t enough Crewmates, the game will end much quicker. We are not sure if this is something that you really want as it would destroy the whole gaming experience.

Changing the settings in your favor might seem nice at the beginning, but it will quickly become dull. In the end, the game is meant to be played with as many players as possible. The main reason why it became so popular is that we can enjoy it with all of our friends.


Although this might not solve your dilemma as to how to be Imposter in Among Us, the article should remind you of something else. That is, we should enjoy this amazing game regardless of the role that we’re assigned.

Some of us will always have preferences. Truth be told, being a Crewmate is often boring. But, Among Us is much more about intrigue, lying, and watching innocent players being tossed into space.