Gardenscapes Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

If you enjoy playing Gardenscapes, you may get stuck on certain levels. You will need a variety of Gardenscapes cheats to help you pass some of them. These are legal tricks that can help you level up more quickly. Playing the game is a lot of fun, but you can end up at a loss for earning the stars you need to move on. Take a look at some of the best cheats for Gardenscapes to help complete your garden.

Wait to Start a New Day Until You Are Out of Lives

One of the best Gardenscapes Tips is to make sure that you wait to start a new day until you are low on energy. When you accomplish tasks in a single day, your percentage bar will fill up. The important thing to remember is that starting a new day will refill your energy meter, so you should use your energy and then wait to start the next day. This maximizes your available lives.

gardenscapes cheats start new day


Match Combos Whenever Possible

If you are looking for Gardenscapes New Acres Cheats, you will want to try to match combos whenever you can. You can match four pieces to get a firecracker, and five pieces will give you a bomb. Matching six pieces is even better because you get dynamite, and seven gives you a TNT barrel. The more you match in a combo, the more tiles you will clear. This will help you fill your meter much faster.

gardenscapes cheats match combos


Play Every Day to Claim Your Daily Prize

Another one of the Gardenscapes game cheats is to play every day to claim your daily prize. You will get a free booster, hearts, or more coins. These boosters can help you reach your goals in the game, and they are free. One Gardenscapes cheats iPhone is to connect to your Facebook app so that you can earn more bonus coins. If you are looking for Gardenscape cheats Android, you can also check your mailbox messages for more coins. Coins help you create your gardens and get through levels.

gardenscapes new acres cheats claim daily prize

Wait for a Sale If You Plan to Buy Coins

One of the best Gardenscapes tricks is to wait for a sale if you plan to buy coins. Although you can play by earning coins and you are never required to make a purchase, some people want to buy coins to level up more quickly. They sell different bundles, but you will find sale offers that randomly pop up throughout the week. Wait until you get one of these offers if you plan to buy coins.

gardenscapes new acres cheats buy coins

Look for Codes Online

If you are looking for a way to get more coins, you can look for Gardenscapes Cheats Codes online. You can find codes for stars and coins, which can help you advance and level up. You will need stars for certain tasks, so you should save them. Using these codes, you can accumulate more so that you can install benches, fix treehouses, and complete other tasks. Save your stars so that you can complete these tasks when they come up.