Famous E-Sport Games That Struggled in the Console Universe

The world of online gaming is expanding rapidly and will never be the same after the creation of esports. The community, fans, sponsors, prizes, teams, and others are growing daily, making it an important and lucrative industry. Game development companies are now working to meet the public demand, as they want more games that are like the famous esports ones. And if they can’t make new games, they want to make the existing ones cross-platform playable. However, the transition from PC to console is not always smooth. No matter how popular or exciting a game is on one platform, it can be flawed and unplayable on the other. Many famous esports games have this problem.

What Is an E-Sport Game?

Games were always extremely popular and had a huge fan base. These people are also very competitive. Even in arcades decades ago, there were rankings and a competition for who would be at the top. When technological advancements allowed playing video games against each other, it was logical to expect that it would soon become a sports discipline. And now we have a form of organized, multiplayer gaming competition between professionals in various video games called e-sports. It is even on the verge of becoming an Olympic discipline.

With this amount of popularity and competitiveness, one can’t be surprised to know that esports betting is now available. The best esports betting sites can be found if you browse through this list on greenwall.gg, where you can find top picks by experts. Bettors love the dynamic and exciting matches that offer battles between individuals and teams as well. These clashes are often very interesting to watch, but gambling on esports will make bettors bite their nails until the end of each battle.

Cross-Platform Availability of Video Games

To increase the gaming community, video game developers worked on a revolutionary idea. They aimed to bring the players together, no matter if they play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or other console. That led to the invention of cross-platform play, which connects all these gamers to the same online servers. In that way, they all have the same battleground and a scoreboard. In theory, this idea was beautiful and naïve. In truth, not all games are created for playing on different devices.

Video Games Struggle When They Transition to Consoles

Video games are now available on various devices, but that doesn’t mean they are equally good on all of them. Sure, people are divided into two fractions, PCs and consoles, and they all have arguments to support their claims. There are strong claims that gaming can improve IQ, so we must emphasize the need for quality on all platforms. Without supporting any of the clans, we must state that some games have disadvantages when they are played on consoles. These disadvantages are mainly in performance and control. 

Computers can have more powerful components that make the game visually better and smoother. Also, players can do so much more with a mouse and a keyboard than with a couple of buttons on a controller. These fights can be very intense, and having more accurate, faster, and intuitive controls can create an edge. PC gamers have this when it comes to some genres such as shooters, real-time strategies, and multiplayer battle arenas. This resulted in some struggle from console gamers even with famous esports games like the following ones.


This game was released by Epic in 2017 and since then, it achieved a cult status in the gaming community. Even with numerous patches and updates, one thing persists, Fortnite is a mess on the console. The issues are numerous, and they involve problems with rendering. Players on consoles have issues with buildings and weapons, and their game freezes all the time. Players disappear and buildings show out of nowhere killing your avatar in the process. But the thing is that the PC players are not affected by this, and that means that in a confrontation, they win. If you want to bet on esports, it is clear who you should place your money on.

Overwatch 2

This game is the successor of the original title and is free to play on numerous devices, such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. The gamers of PS5 have been furious since the latest update of the game which is making it impossible to play if you are using this console. User experience can be a very subjective thing, but frame rate drops are not. This can be fixed on a PC as per partitionwizard.com, but consoles are a bigger problem. According to their claims, and numerous videos they post, this is making the game unplayable. Once again, this is very important for esports bookmakers, as it gives an advantage to players on other platforms. PS5 gamers are unable to heal, spawn in time, see teammates, or even themselves in the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Another shooter with similar issues. Warzone was highly anticipated due to the popularity of this franchise. Upon its release in April 2021, over six million players downloaded the game within a day. Its sequel was released a year and a half later, but that didn’t prevent Warzone from reaching over 100 million downloads. And console gamers were left unsatisfied due to the problems they faced. The main issues were with movement, which was described as slow. An interesting fact is that players compared their gaming experience on both PC and console and experienced the difference in the movement of their character. Also, there were serious lags when players were trying to collect items.


It is easy to pinpoint the problems of cross-platform games, and they are connected to specific genres. For example, shooters require precise aim and movement. The hardware is making a difference, as PC players use better equipment. In this case a mouse controller of higher sensitivity. This makes the competition unfair to certain players and since they are present at the best esports betting operators, this makes the wagering unfair. If the gaming community wishes to make gaming and betting on esports fair, they need to consider the struggle of console players.