All Types of Activities and Game Modes in FC 24

Two months have passed since the release of FC 24, but not all players have yet come to the new update of the FIFA series, which abandoned the name of the same name with the football organization and chose a new name.

In essence, this is FIFA 24, which is now considered FC 24 – the project still has a career and professional player mode, online leagues with the value of FC 24 coins, luck and perseverance in getting the best players.

Career mode

Career Mode

This is the most familiar format for most players, especially for those who took a long break and missed a lot of updates.

You will act as a coach who can manage the actions of his team on the football field and, at the same time, manage the entire coaching staff, ensure the preparation of football players, invest in the stadium and advertising and develop the scouting department to sign young and promising football players.

Regardless of the club you choose, you will start the first season without European competition and must finish the year in a good position in your championship to be eligible to play in the Champions and European Leagues.

The most interesting thing is to play not for titled clubs and popular leagues, but for the second and third divisions of top leagues. For example, England or Germany.

Such teams will have a minimum budget, young, ambitious, but not the most technical football players, who have yet to be taught to play matches better and more efficiently.

In this more hardcore format, the scouting department and its development also play an important role, because a young and ambitious player with good indicators of speed and accuracy will simply be a godsend among other football players who can be bought, and you simply do not have enough finances for serious transfers, so you will have to use the mechanics of finding talent and introducing them into the current team and game tactics.

But at the same time, you will get the opportunity to play for at least several seasons in very difficult conditions, in which you need to occupy at least second place in the league at the end of the season in order to move up to a higher division and advance to the top league of your country.

Pro Mode

Pro Mode

You can try your hand at being a full-fledged player and build a football career by playing for your favorite club.

You can choose any famous player, but it’s better to create your own to take him through his full development path from an unknown but talented player to a new football star.

You will begin your journey in the reserve team of the selected club and will fully carry out the tasks that the football coach will set for you.

The tasks will depend on the chosen playing position – forward, halfback, or defender.

You will only be able to control your player, so it is extremely important not only to be in your place during the match, but also to constantly monitor the ball and move around the football field to benefit your club.

You need to score goals and help your teammates score goals. Take away balls from the enemy team, give accurate passes and crosses and simply benefit your team.

At the end of each match, a rating will be assigned taking into account your overall performance, and if you play well, you will gradually be promoted to the main squad and even entrusted with the captain’s armband.

If, on the contrary, you play poorly and do not solve the problems for which the coach entrusts you with playing time, then they may begin to replace you often and then not even let you on the field, or give you a small amount of playing time, which may lead to the sale of your contract in the near future, transfer window, and then you will have to join another club that will be ready to accept you into their team, and these are not always prestigious clubs – you may have to go a long way to success in such a situation to realize your career.

All types of activities and game modes in FC 24

Online Mode

You can plunge into active confrontation with other players in the FIFA Ultimate Team format.

You’ll choose your favorite club, but essentially you’ll get access to uniforms rather than key players, comparable to current real-world football contracts.

When you log in for the first time, you will receive random player cards that will allow you to form your first game squad and all further actions will be related to confrontation with other clubs, earning FC 24 coins and progress in the system of leagues and divisions, as well as receiving new player cards.

Play regular matches to earn coins and progress in divisions, where wins, losses and draws will help you gain or lose points, which in turn will help you get into major tournaments from EA Sports and progress, or vice versa, fall back in leagues, which constantly challenge players’ skills and match their opponents to match.

You will have access to various tasks and modes in which you can not only earn cheap FC 24 coins, but also try out various interesting formats.

For example – moments. A mode that allows you to play out one of the most striking and interesting scenarios in the history of football and end it in exactly the same way as it ended in the history of the confrontation between clubs.

For example, scoring two goals in the Champions League final while playing for Manchester United under the leadership of Sir Alex Fergisson. It is important to score goals with your head after a corner, just as the events of that meeting unfolded.

If the kick is intercepted, or scored in any other way, the format must begin again. For successful completion, FIFA 24 will give you rewards in the form of coins for the online mode and the purchase of new player cards.

Otherwise, it is better to concentrate on completing tasks, some of which are updated every day or once a week.

It is important to complete them all in time, otherwise they will simply be updated – partial completion does not count.

If you regularly complete tasks, you will be able to accumulate points and use them to enhance any cards, be it bronze or unique – it’s up to you.

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