6 Ways To Improve Xbox One Game Performance

We can understand the annoyance faced by gamers due to constant glitches caused while playing a game. When you purchase a gaming device like Xbox and experience poor performance in speed, it might make you worry.

If you are constantly experiencing extended loading time, some ways might make your Xbox One run smoother and faster. This blog provides techniques that might improve your Xbox performance.

6 Ways To Improve Xbox One Game Performance

Can I Make My Xbox Run Smoother?

Yes! You definitely can make your Xbox one run smoother. There are several techniques you use to make your device free of unnecessary memory stealers. From cache clearing to removing unused files, many techniques might speed up your Xbox One performance.

One of the best tips is to keep your gaming device just for gaming purposes. So, focus on one screen game and run multiple other applications in the background. This simple hack will speed up your RAM and clear the memory for faster processing.

6 Ways To Improve Xbox One Game Performance

Here are 6 efficient ways to improve your Xbox One performance and level up your playing experience.

1. Quit Other Games And Apps

Running multiple games can slow gaming performance. The memory consumption of RAM will be split, resulting in higher loading time.

If the resource is limited and if it gets spread in too many parts, each part will be smaller. Therefore, quit other games and apps to free up your RAM for the game you’re playing now.

Even if it is an offline game, you need proper memory space to run smoothly in the background. So the first step while playing a game is to close every other game in the system. You can then restart the game and play it with a smooth background.

2. Use a VPN

The main threats while playing an online game are hackers attacking your data through the network and your Xbox One running slow. So, having a VPN on Xbox One can protect your internet connection and gaming features from external hackers. With an advanced Xbox VPN like VeePN, you can expect a smooth running background with advanced security features that masks your ID from hackers. Stop worrying about losing your weapons and hardly earn advantages your competitors might not possess.

You can also improve your internet speed with the help of it. So download now and enjoy a good streaming service for your online gaming. The product is a trial version. You can buy the premium version when you are satisfied.

3. Less Pressure On Internet Connection

Internet connection plays a primary role in most online games. But if your internet connection is slow, you cannot control the time it takes for a game to load. The better option is to buy a high-speed internet service.

It is not just RAM. The background applications can split your internet speed depending on their requirement. So, it is better to close unwanted applications in the background to improve your internet speed. Also, avoid downloading any other file to develop your internet speed.

4. Restart Your Router

Sometimes your router might malfunction and create glitches in the internet speed. Under such a situation, you can always switch off your primary router connection and restart them for a better rate. Restarting the Xbox one will clear any local cache stored in the router. Similarly, remove any hot dust accumulated in your router and gaming device.

Even if your cabinet is stylish, the device must have proper ventilation that prevents heat accumulation. Excessive heat might reduce the graphics process and create glitches in the middle of the game. So restart your router and keep your surroundings clean to maintain speed.

5. Go For An Ethernet Connection

Wireless technology is the latest trend. But using the traditional Ethernet connection can provide you with seamless speed. You might feel irritated with the number of wires available for such a connection, but as a gamer, you must sacrifice some items for speed.

The most significant advantage of the Ethernet connection is that the data supply is continuous regardless of your external environment.

When you use wireless connectivity, the data speed might slow down when you enter a heavy traffic area or experience poor weather conditions. So go for Ethernet if you need a proper speed.

6. Clear the Cache

It is not just your game; clearing out the cache is necessary to improve your system performance. An excessive cache can reduce the internet speed and make your gaming experience bad.

Clearing your cache is a simple process. Just switch off your console and wait for 1 minute before we start it again. This idea will improve the speed and make your game faster. Always remember to save your progress before switching off the console.


All these mentioned techniques are just the tips you can use to improve your Xbox One speed. You can now develop the Xbox one performance and boost the speed of all your games.

Using a VPN is secure and necessary to improve gaming performance on a whole new level. So check its review and enjoy playing with the highest speed and better running.